Rat Rod design and animation.

Spacecat, Catstronaut or Catsmonaut- whichever you prefer. Animation cycles and concept.

BigRig Towing – Designed in Photoshop, test animation cycle in GraphicGale. It’s a cool program but Photoshop is such second nature that I ran back for future animations… plus his gimpy arm both bothers and intrigues me, so it stays clunky.

Lo-Fi Vs Hi-Fi friendly buddy. Obviously higher resolution runs at a higher speed – that’s just science.

Friendly ghosts had nothing to do with the extinction of mammoths, but these images side by side do raise suspicion.


The interns. Yes, some may appear to be past those youthful post-college years, but careers can change at any point, please don’t judge them.


Animation test in Spriter2D- A cool animation rig based system for 2D art.

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